"Professional sales network from the manufacturer to the end consumer, cost-effective quality products!"


As Worimex co, we have been implementing new projects in order to meet changing demands and to continue developing sectoral activities with our experience of more than 10 years. Since the first step we took in the sectors of combi boiler, heating and cooking, we are rapidly improving our goals.


We believe in the importance of the concept of continuity!

We continue our way with firm and fast steps by embracing the concepts of continuity and transparency in order to contribute to the nature, our country's economy, the sector and the whole world as well as our valuable business partners and customers!


We think, produce, and store for you!

Guided by the knowledge and experience we have gained in different parts of the world, it is our primary goal to get the highest efficiency from a product and to develop this product! As Worimex co team, we discover and and implement innovations including different sales techniques, production strategies, management, and planning.


We expand with our global power!

In addition to over 80 sector-leading customers and our strong portfolio, we have established a global network with collaborations around the world by exporting to 14 countries. Thanks to our increasing recognition and cooperation in Germany, Austria, China, and Italy we are constantly growing!


We reveal the value of the underestimated!

We never compromise our service quality with our controlled stock management strategies for our customers.


We are aware of your changing habits!

We know that your expectations, daily habits and demands are constantly changing. As your solution partner, we provide convenience to the companies and customers of which we are distributors. In short, we work continuously to make life easier for everyone who will benefit from our products and implement our projects!                                                                                      

Why Worimex Co.?


Why can you consideer Worimex co as the industry leader? Our primary goal is to transform the success we have achieved in a short time into a long-term contribution! Briefly examine the advantages you will have with the innovative understanding we have developed in the combi boiler spare parts, heating and cooking sector. By contacting us, you can learn about our services and the advantages you will have, and get detailed information about our products.


1. Improve Your Brand!

Our professional team aims at sectoral development with its young and dynamic silhouette.We produce solutions for you and your brand with our expert sales team and warehouse stock management capability!


2. More Affordable Cost, Better Quality Service!

We have a itinerary that extends from manufacturers to end consumers. With our sales network, we aim for more affordable costs and quality service. We continue our search for innovation at all times by exceeding international standards.


3. You will be impressed by our ideas!

With our young and dynamic team, our recognition in the field increases day by day and provides value to the brands under our organization. We have ideas and projects regarding the brands and collaborations we have. We keep pace with change and believe in the importance of transparency!


4. Nature Friendly Solutions!

We use the power we have in the sector as our starting point. We are aware of the changing habits and global balances under the Worimex co roof. We have determined the health of all living creatures as our mission. With our nature-friendly products, we invest not only in national and domestic products, but also in steps that will lead the way in worldwide transformation.


5. Do not let your boiler be scrapped!

The main starting point of our brand, which we established as Worimex co in 2018, is to repair the combi boilers and prevent them from being scrapped! We take innovative steps for fast solutions with less cost. Realize the importanve we attach to nature, economy, and all living creatures and be part of the transformation!

We know very well the importance and necessity of technology in today's world, where even individual consumers can import and export. With this awareness, we aim to compare the right trade partners with the right target audience and product groups in order to create a modern foreign trade culture.


Providing foreign trade consultancy to businesses which "do not know where to go" not only in Turkey but also around the world in order to find partners in the right positions.


Keepin operations, processes, and customer satisfaction at the maximum level


Increasing the circle of trade of customers by thinking globally in the modern world

Creating a domestic and national foreign trade culture that combines technology with traditional trade taken as a basis.


Bringing a new dimension to import and export consultancy in order to bring commercial enterprises to the right target audience.


Taking action with the motto of "creating the right commercial partners in the sector" by keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum


Providing a foreign trade consultancy at a level complementing the shortcomings of our competitors and improving foreign trade competence continuously

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